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The home page for the Spiva family. It is maintained by Tracy and Martha Spiva. Feel free to E-Mail them if you have any questions.
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2-16-02 Tracy, Nick, and Nate went snowboading. Late in the evening while there was a beautiful sunset castin a red hue over the freshly fallen snow. About this time, Tracy was making his last run for the day. He was catching some major air as he was flying over a double black diamond run. Unfortunately, because of the sunset casting it's beautiful glory on the snow (not to mention the speed he had at the time), he was unable to see a family of red squirls until he was to close to safely miss them. He turned away at the last second, saving the entire family of red squirls. Unfortunalely, he didn't miss the tree they were running from behind and ended up breaking his wrist.
2-22-02 If you believe that story, I have some dot-com stock i would love to sell you. I did break my arm though.
3-10-02 Leonard and Betty Spiva are renewing their vows in Dallas on March 17. Here's to another 34 years together.
10-19-02 Tracy FINALLY got around to making an update to the website. The pictures now work again (although the old pictures are gone) and the link from the pages will take you there.
10-19-02 Well, we were here in Idaho for a full week before we had to make our first trip to the Emergency room. Nick was out jumping dirt ramps when he took a nasty fall. The doctor was sure (and still is even though x-rays couldn't confirm it) that he fractured his clavicle. Not the best year for bones in our family.